I'm tired

A week ago I finally installed a software program that I had bought about 4-5 years ago. Why did I wait so long? Because I knew that when I did finally install it, I would end up spending hours and hours inputting data.
The program? Family Tree Maker v16. And, yes, I have spent uncounted hours 'typing' data into it and more hours searching for more data on Ancestry.com. As of today, I have probably over 350 people listed -- not all of whom are relatives in my direct line, but there are connections.
And these folks are just the ones from my Mother's side!!! (It does help that my great-great grandfather researched his line in 1898. And one of his grandsons updated it in 1927. So a lot of basic work was already done for me.)
This branch of my family was started here in America when the first member came over to settle in New Haven, Conn. (from Yorkshire, England) in approximately 1644.
I've still got to finish up with a dozen or so stragglers on this branch and then I can attempt to find out about my Irish ancestors on my Dad's side. I've got a hint or two that this is going to be next to impossible -- as we have no records of when they came over or where they landed (except that we know that they migrated through Canada until they finally ended up in Minnesota and North Dakota.)
And once I finish with my side of the family, I can start doing a tree for my husband's family.......

Random observation

I go walking 5 days a week (at least that's the professed aim) with an 83 year old friend. Years back, we tried to do most of our walking outside on paths around neighborhood ponds and parks. But, as we got older, neither of us relished fighting snow and ice and wind and blazing sun -- so we now do almost all of our walks indoors. And indoors means that we use the elevated track that goes around one of the sheets of ice in our local city ice arena.
This summer the arena was host to various hockey camps for high school (ice) hockey players. The players using this particular rink were female. (The boys were using the rink on the other end of the building.) And one interesting thing that I observed over those 6 weeks of camp was that ALL of the girls had long hair. All 25-30 skaters had long hair trailing out from under their helmets. Not one single girl had short hair.
Obviously not earthshaking news, but interesting just the same.

I hate summer!

I do not deal well with heat. I especially do not deal well with heat and high humidity. After having two torrential rainstorms on two consecutive days (Thursday and Friday - total of 5 inches of rain), we are now heading into 5 days of HOT! The national weather service has issued an 'excessive heat warning until 9 pm Wednesday' -- lows will be around 80 degrees F and highs will be around 95 degrees F for all 5 days. Blech!
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Younger son's computer is currently on the fritz and so he is using mine.
We both have Facebook pages and now any link to FB goes to *his* page!!
I can't seem to find how to get *my* page back. Anyone know how to fix this??


Reuters - Capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday.

LPs to CDs

I'm finally using the Xmas pressie that DH gave me two years ago. A USB turntable so I can save my LPs to my HD and then burn them to CDs.
It's been decades since I listened to most of them, but I also wasn't going to pay out good money to buy albums (on CD) that I already had in another format. And that supposes that a great many of them are even available on CD.
So far I've done all four of my David McCallum albums. (He conducts pop hits from the 60's -- lots of Beatles tunes.)
Bunch of Bill Cosby albums
P.D.Q. Bach
Next up:
Mireille Mathieu
Don Ho and Alfred Apaka
Robert Goulet
Soundtracks and Original cast shows
Theme songs


Why is it that you can have a dozen books 'on reserve' at your local library -- and, since most of them are new releases, they cannot be renewed once you check them out ("Others are waiting for them.")
And then SIX of the dang things all become available to you within a 7 day period??????
Good thing I'm a fast reader.
The new book in Bujold's Vorkosigan series.
The first book in a new series from Rita Mae Brown.
The new J.A. Jance book.
The second book about Dewey, the Library Cat.
The newest Valdemar book from Mercedes Lackey.
The newest book in Flint's Ring of Fire series.

It's hard to believe

that DH and I have been married for 40 years as of yesterday.
Went out to dinner at Red Lobster and ate way too much good stuff.
It's also amazing that I have managed to restrain myself from rearranging the shape of DH's skull with my 10 inch frying pan during those 40 years!!
The dear man is highly intelligent (has a Master's degree in Engineering). But, he was obviously out back, re-building a car engine when God was handing out 'common sense' -- he has none.
This leads to some interesting communication incidents at times. :)